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Lathe Machine – Lathe Machine Manufacturer

Lathe machine is such a contraption, which is useful in manufacturing end number of utilities that are useful in our day-to-day life.

Particularly it has been proved to be immensely functional for manufacturers of such utilities. Nonetheless, albeit making stuff from lathe machine is quite common and handy, manufacturing the lathe machine itself is quite a tricky job. These machines come in different sizes and with varied functions. Keeping in mind their specifications and the kind of manufacturing it is going to handle, manufacturing lathe machine is definitely a challenge.

Lathe machine is not exactly an unheard concept in the technical world. People know lathe machine as a tool that processes an array of materials, like metal, wood, and glass. The functions that are performed by lathe machine over these materials are smothering, drilling, cutting, etc. Some de-forming processes like twisting, buckling, and warping can also be accomplished by the lathe machine. The main purpose of using lathe machine is to give a symmetrical shape to these materials so a decent utility product can be shaped out of it.

The structure of the lathe machine is not very complex. It has different body parts that are responsible for different functions. Given, for example, lathe machine’s most prominent part is called ‘the bed’. This ‘parallel to the ground’ part provides a platform, on which the material to be processed upon usually rests. Head stocks, spindles, tail stocks, and tool posts are some more divisions, which are responsible for functions like holding, rotating, fixating, and levering the materials.

Such manufacturing of utility products has a huge and never-ending market. This fact makes it very important for the lathe machine to be of a fine quality. Some of the lathe machine manufacturers, like Alfa Metal Machinery, are renowned for the sophisticated quality and superior output. These machines have proved to be very cost-effective and reasonable in the market. These companies specialize in manufacturing an assortment of varied functional lathe machine.


Keeping in front the different market segments and various individual needs, lathe machine caters to the range of tasks. These machines are undergone through the most professional mechanical and functional tests. Having such a good quality and multi-purpose lathe machine for the professional intention will, for sure, prove to be lucrative and gratifying.

CNC Lathe Machine

Every progress has a changing fascia, and so does the progress of machines. Lathes were one revolutionary façade of the machine age, and now it’s the time of machines that are automatically controlled by the computer; in other words CNC equipped lathes.

During the middle of the 19th century, John Parsons developed NC (Numeric Control) technology. In this technology, machines were automated by abstractly programmed commands encoded on a storage medium. Existing operating tools were modified with motors, which controlled the operating of the machine by adhering to the given set of commands. This servomechanism was further amplified by the infusion of the first analog and then digital computation. This is the CNC (Computer Numeric Control) automation technology the new age is talking about.

A language for the machine was developed, which we today know as ‘programming language’. Using this language CNC lathe machines are programmed to do variety of functions, like sanding, cutting, and drilling. In other words, CNC lathe machines are combination of computer program and a regular lathe machine that requires to be operated by a human interference. CNC Lathe machines, with minimum human meddling and absolute first grade accuracy, have reduced the production time drastically, resulting into more profit. A versatile machine like CNC lathe could never be more advanced and profiting.


As a result, we see old versions of lathe, which used to be multi-spindled, are rapidly getting sidetracked by the new CNC equipped mechanisms. CNC lathes are easier to set and operate; moreover they utilize entirely modern processes.

The method of using CNC lathe machines is quite simple. The tool paths need to be programmed. Once the resulting file is uploaded into the machine and machine is set, it will start its function to manufacture concerned specific parts. Once the process starts, only occasional supervision is more than enough.

The Mechanism

The CNC lathe machine is electronically controlled by the computer menu style interface. As per the procedure requirement, programs can be manipulated. The program alterations and the system progression can be viewed on the display board on the machine. Even though the skill requirement of a CNC lathe operator is higher, the need for the intricacy of the knowledge spectrum is quite considerate. In older machines it was highly critical to know the composite details of each and every device in the mechanism; but while operating a CNC lathe machine, being a skilled supervisor is more than enough.

The CNC lathe has been subject to further enhancement through the years since its commencement; however its fundamental ethics and components are still the same. The new age CNC lathe machines usually come in an enclosed form to avoid any potential grievance to the operator.


Since now days the electronic appliances are getting cheaper and cheaper, computer prices have fallen drastically. Furthermore, ‘no cost’ operating systems like Linux and open source CNC software are being accessible on vast range. All these factors have contributed to sinking the cost of the CNC lathes.

Understanding the machine

A typical lathe machine is made up of certain essential body fractions, which are branched off into bed, headstock, spindle, tool post, tool rest, tailstock, carriage, cross slide, and tool post.



Bed is the fundamental platform of the machine in the form of a beam. In almost all the lathes bed is always ‘horizontal’, however, in rare specifics, like CNC lathes, it can be in a ‘vertical’ shape.

Headstock is a chamber of bearings on the left side of the bed, which is capable of rotating material in an extremely accurate axis.

Spindle is a hollow axle horizontal to the bed. It is fixated on the headstock. Work holding accessories are mounted on the spindle.


Tool post is a vertical column in the middle of the bed, top of which (in a perpendicular position) is a tool rest. In certain functions hand tools are rested against the tool rest and levered into the work piece.

Tailstock is a movable cask (or container), situated at an exact opposite end from the headstock, on the bed. Unlike headstock, tailstock can be sited on any suitable or required spot on the bed. It is used to hold objects like hard steel, drill bits (for drilling holes in the work piece), and many more.

Carriage is an exclusive part of the metal-working lathe machines. It fits on the bed and is crowned with cross slide that is assembled crosswise to the bed. On the top of the cross slide is a tool post which is used to hold the cutting tool while removing material from the work piece.



Today, there are a variety of lathe machines available and you need to choose the one that best fits the purpose. Lathe machines can manufacture and finish parts at a rapid pace with a high level of consistency. Lathe machine can be used for production of gearboxes and engines that are efficient and more silent. They are resourceful in making cylindrical parts such as gears, crankshafts, etc which require a very high level of accuracy. Lathe machine can convert any creative thought into a real shape. Also the more automated they are, the lesser the chance of injury and greater the accuracy.

CNC lathe machine is computer controlled and can be programmed to do a variety of different things such as sanding, cutting and drilling. Its huge draw is that it cuts production time down and brings profitability to the business. The modern CNC lathe machine is a combination of a computer with a lathe machine in which the controller converts each digital signal into the desired action. The required design that needs to be replicated physically on the material (metal or wood etc) is created first on specialized software. After which the work-piece is fitted on the chuck and rotated at the required speed depending on the material and the type of cut or centering that is needed.

The program instructs the machine on the type of cutting, drilling or centering required which includes the depth and width. The lathe machine can be used for a variety of purposes such as milling, cutting while the four spindles lathe machine perform multiple jobs simultaneously, this reduces operations and increases productivity.

While older lathe machines could only do cutting functions, newer lathe machines can do cutting and milling and the high end ones can even have four spindles to perform multiple jobs simultaneously, thereby reducing operations and improving productivity.

The CNC machines make precise, intricate cuts, giving shapes and cuts to achieve the perfect symmetrical product, lathe machines help to give precise diameter from top to bottom. Such design and end product production has been possible only through the lathe machine and now the increasingly newer technological developments helps you get the best possible results.

CNC lathe machine also allow for metal fabrication. It helps in creating parts that need to have a circular motion. The computer software program continues its rotation on the material that has to stand up against it; through the turning process until the end. CNC lathes are great for they give tapered ends to contoured shapes. Indeed, an investment that saves time and gets out the best of the latest technology.

The lathe machine that was once used for mechanical purposes has today grown on to CNC lathes that have a high degree of automation and accuracy. The CNC lathes are used on metal components that require some material to be cut through turning. They are useful for drilling multiple holes including centered holes especially through blocks of metals. The latest ones can also be used on plastic and wood. If your choice includes turret lathes and engine lathes, nothing could be better for smaller workshops.

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lathe machine


Lathe machines have revolutionized the machine tools industry and have been used in many sectors. For best results, it is vital to use lathe machines that are of the finest quality, and that too at the most reasonable price. Here is where Alfa Metal Machinery surges ahead of its competitors as the ace lathe machine manufacturer of the country.

The quality that Alfa Metal Machinery as a lathe machine manufacturer offers has been attested by the satisfaction of our dealers and customers worldwide which has made us a leading Manufacturer and exporter of Lathe machines. We are committed to providing metal working solutions to all are customers ever since the business began with a focus on continuous improvement of the products that we manufacture. We have one of the best technologically advanced machinery that are used in several industrial sectors throughout the world. These machines are versatile, guarantee a long servicing life and can be used in the toughest conditions.

The experts and engineers of our company operate in well equipped workshops, using the latest machineries and equipments for the production of these fist class lathe machines.

We have the latest Models and machines of different sizes and our varieties range from tool room lathe machine, CNC lathe machine, all geared lathe machine, V-Belt driven Lathe Machine to much more. Our lathe machines are put through the toughest measures of quality control. This ensures that your lathe machines are the result of precision and high in its utility value.

We also have a great product range apart from top lathe machines that includes Radial Drilling Machine, hydraulic Hacksaw machine, planer machine, Milling Machine, Shaper Machine, Metal cutting band saw machine, surface grinder machine, and more. (see more

Alfa Metal Machinery adheres to the exact ISO standards in designing and manufacturing all machines. We employ the right bore size for the machines accommodating the lathe machine in the largest available bore size for that particular model. All our lather machines bear standard flame hardening process for the bed. We design bed length and width with varying capacities that cater to our customers’ requirements. As lathe machine manufacturer, giving attention to detail is our forte and we are specialists in design engineering exactitude, be it capacity, spindle, tail stock, thread and speed.

If you are looking for Flat bed type CNC lathe machine, you will get it at a highly economical price and the measurement for swing over bed ranges from 320 mm to 3000 mm. Our heavy duty lathe machines are known for their high efficiency and reliable functionality. The geared lathe machines deliver high grade work performance and can be maintained at a very low cost.

You can always trust Alfa Metal Machinery to deliver on its promises and procure machines that perfectly fit your company’s requirement. Having been in the business for more than 30 years, this lathe machine manufacturer is a name to reckon with, any day. As a company, all of us pursue the complete satisfaction of our customers and endeavor to contribute our best to the society.

Alfa Metal Machinery – Leading Lathe machine manufacturer



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